I want a new kitchen, where do I start?

26th Feb 2018
  1. Do some research by using kitchen magazines or books and work out what style you like. These magazines also show you the latest components you can have in a kitchen. Start a scrapbook and fill it with your clippings and ideas.
    Of course, sometimes people have absolutely no idea what they are after when it comes to style, colour or design, so this is where a Kitchen Designer comes in handy.
  2. Set yourself a budget and also a rough time frame for either starting or finishing your kitchen. Having a budget helps the designer know if the style/finishes you are looking for is within the budget. Remember to include things such as flooring, painting, appliances and splashbacks in your expenses.
  3. If you don't have a cabinet maker or designer in mind, the next step is to visit some kitchen showrooms. It is a good idea to ring ahead and make an appointment so you know they can spend as much time with you as you will need.
  4. From there, the kitchen designer or builder will make a time to come and measure your kitchen/room. They should then do up a design for you and quote on your specifications.

So take your time and don't be scared to ask the designer many questions. You need to ensure the design of your kitchen is exactly what you want, as it is a big expense and the centrepiece of your home.

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